For Ben and Lauren - Chelsea Youth Photos

All of my websites over the past few years have had this, a message to my lovely kids:

Ben & Lauren

This is a short message to let you know that I'm here for you, whenever you think you might need or want to get in touch with me.

It was never my desire or decision that I would have no contact with you, and not having any kind of relationship with my lovely children is a pain that I feel daily.

In our short time together we had so many happy experiences.  You were just tiny so you probably don't remember much.  Above all, I remember the feeling of happy, uncomplicated love that we shared for each other.

You always greeted me so enthusiastically whenever I came in from work, and your hugs and smiles energised me from my tired state in a way that nothing or no-one else could ever do.   I adored being your Dad and hope that one day I can fill that role again.

I know so little about your lives, but think about you so often.  I hope that you are happy and enjoying your first steps into the adult world.

Whenever you are ready, I am here for you.  Simply and unconditionally.   I will never judge you for anything that has gone on in the past, or condemn any decisions you've made in your lives.  

I just want to build the happy, supportive relationship that you always deserved to have.    I am here.   I love you both.  

All my love, always,  

Your Dad 

Me (back when I had hair!) with your grandmother

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